1.1 - The “Hybrid - Brazilian Videodance Festival” is held by the producer Gaspacho Filmes - Produções LTDA-ME and aims to promote the exhibition, dissemination and awarding of video dance productions. The initiative aims to participate in national and international works, in addition to fostering research and thinking around hybrid artistic creations between audiovisual, dance and music.


2.1 - The festival will take place from March 22 to April 2, 2021 completely online through the official portal and social networks of the event.


3.1 - For the purposes of this call, it is understood that:


  • Proponent: it is the individual who submits work in this call, subject to the conditions described in items 4 and 5 of this regulation, who takes legal responsibility for it.

  • Videodance: it is a contemporary artistic language hybridized between audiovisual and dance. We do not intend here to establish a single and closed concept for the definition of the term. All videos that dialogue intertwined between the audiovisual look and body expression will be considered.

  • Professional work : it is the video with a duration of up to 5 minutes, including the initial and / or final credits (if any), made by an individual and / or professional team and finished in full HD or higher quality.

  • Experimental work : it is the video with a duration of up to 2 minutes, including the initial and / or final credits (if any), made by an individual and / or team, using a cell phone or other digital medium and finished in any quality.


4.1 - You can participate in this call for videos sent by the authors themselves or invited by the scouts of the festival. In both cases, the registration and submission of the work must occur within the conditions described in item 5.

4.2 - By submitting your film, you agree that the selected works will start to incorporate the fixed collection on the website, channels and social networks of the Hybrid - Brazilian Festival of Videodance, under the commitment of not being divulged and / or used for commercial purposes.

4.3 - All selected works may have excerpts, as well as photos and frames used to publicize the festival on television, print and / or electronic media.


5.1 - Registration is free and must be done exclusively through the Festival platform The call will be available from February 15 to March 12, 2021 (received until 6:00 pm Brasília time).

5.2 - The works must be sent through a YouTube or Vimeo link that must be informed in the corresponding field of the registration form. To send via YouTube, the video must be configured as "unlisted" or "public"; in the case of Vimeo, it must be sent with a password, if necessary. For both options, the work link should be available until March 26, 2021.

5.3 - For the official competition, only videos in full HD (H264 - 1920 x 1080) will be accepted. For the mobile parallel show category, videos captured by cell phone or any other digital medium will be accepted. In both cases, only videos in vertical screen format will be accepted.

5.4 - For works that contain dialogues or any text content in a language other than Portuguese, and whose understanding of these is essential for understanding, the director will be asked to add subtitles in Portuguese or English. The Festival organization does not undertake to translate the subtitles. In these specific cases, the Festival team will contact the proponent.

5.5 - Changes or additions to the works or registration form after the submission will not be accepted.

5.6 - If there are two registrations with the same project name, from the same applicant, the last registration made will be considered.

5.7 - Each bidder may register up to 02 (two) different projects in this call, and may compete in more than one category.

5.8 - The Festival organization is not responsible for the failure to register due to problems with servers, access providers, data transmission, line of communication, slowness of the servers or any other reason, and the proponent should exercise due caution to carry out the necessary acts in a timely manner.


6.1 - The festival will feature 2 (two) competitive shows:

  • Official Competitive Exhibition: the best professional videos from all parts of the world, including Brazil, compete.

  • Experimental Parallel Exhibition: all amateur videos submitted for this category compete.

6.2 - The works selected for the “Official Competitive Exhibition” compete only with each other.

6.3 - The works selected for the “Mostra Paralela Experimental” compete only with each other.

6.4 - The winners of all exhibitions and categories will receive a nominal trophy and an award certificate (which will be sent by mail), and their works will be announced as winners on the website and in all the festival's networks.


7.1 - The Technical Jury will be composed of the curators of the festival. This Committee will evaluate the works considering: creativity, originality, quality, performance of the performer (s), music and diversity of styles.

7.2 - The Official Competitive Exhibition provides for only the Technical Jury's Vote.

7.3 - The Parallel Experimental Exhibition provides for a Technical Jury and Popular Vote.

7.4 - The Popular Vote will count on the participation of the public and will be carried out through the instagram of the festival “Hibrido - Brazilian Festival of Videodance”.


8.1 - The prizes for both the Official Competitive Exhibition and the Experimental Parallel Exhibition will be announced at the end of the festival.


9.1 - The registration of the work implies full acceptance and full agreement, by the participants, of all the terms and rules contained in the present regulation of this call.

9.2 - Questions will be answered by email:


Do not leave to the last minute.

We are available for further information.

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