The video dance "Maracatu vs Passinho" is an iniciative of Híbrido Festival to promote and stimulate the creation of works with regional and folkloric themes and expressions. In this original production of the festival, we invited a Passinho dancer and a Caboclo de Lança to present some of their expressions in a friendly duel.

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Maracatu is a manifestation of Brazilian folklore that involves dance, music and religiosity. It appeared in the state of Pernambuco during the colonial period and its references are a mixture of African, Portuguese and indigenous cultures.

There are two types of Maracatu, the Nação (Nation) and the Rural. In the Rural Maracatu, the style discussed in this video, there is a procession with several characters that represent the games of the rural workers. One of the highlights of this procession is the Caboclo de Lança.

The costume of this character is composed of a large volume of colorful ribbons on his head, a costeiro carrying bells covered with sequins, and a white flower hanging from his mouth.


Passinho is an urban dance style, created and developed by young people from Rio de Janeiro favelas, which began at funk dances throughout the 2000s. The dancers would gather at parties and perform in circles, showing off their choreographies in a kind of spontaneous competition.

The dance follows the beat of Funk, a Brazilian rhythm that mixes folkloric manifestations with an electronic dynamic. There are elements of Maculelê (of martial origin, in which the performers sing and dance with sticks), Jongo, acrobatics, and elements of the routine of the young people in the favelas.  

With the democratization of communication through the internet, videos spread worldwide making Funk and Passinho one of the legitimately Brazilian styles that have emerged in the last decades. Today Funk has consolidated itself internationally and Passinho is recognized as a movement of resistance of the favela and funk youth.

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We invite artists to produce videodances with the typical expressions of their country. Let's celebrate the diversity of our cultures!



Musician, actor and performer from Pernambuco, popular culture player, caboclo master of Maracatu de Baque Solto “Cruzeiro do Forte” in Recife, since the 80s, where he started his contact with music. He was part of the band Chão e Chinelo, part of the Manguebeat movement in Recife.


Felipe Rodrigues is a professional dancer, choreographer and Urban Dance instructor with an emphasis on Carioca Funk. She received her formal dance education at the Brazilian dance academies, Escola de Danca Petite Danse and Casa do Jimmy. He is also a DJ and is touring internationally.

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